The Wanted for Capital TV

  • men: I can’t stand girls with low self-esteem, it’s such a turn off
  • men: Ew a fat girl ew stretch marks I want to be able to pick a girl up and kiss her and hold her in the air wow she has a flat chest mosquito-bite boobs oh gosh I don’t like boobs that big they get in the way I want a flat tummy on my girl oh she has to have a great body no love handles yuck beef curtains are gross I like big nipples I like small nipples yuck thunder thighs no that’s too thin you look anorexic I love curves no not plus-size just skinny girls with small waists and big hips wow caked on make-up is such a turn-off yet I worship this celebrity that has never been seen without make-up and I watch porn so my idea of a real woman is thousands of dollars in plastic surgery and I have unreasonable standards that real women will never be able to attain

Tom’s position idk just lol


Tom’s position idk just lol


sorry if it’s too rude 


Can’t begin to tell you how much I love this Fanmily! xx

So Gangnam Style plays on the radio now…



It was the first time I heard it on the radio and of course the first thing I thought of was this…

And this….

And a whole lot of this…

Yeah…then I started doing the dance and my mom looked at me like I lost my mind…hehe see what I did there? ;D

not my gifs ^^^^

Jay’s hips surely don’t lie